Nightly Allure- Handmade lingerie & unique burlesque accessories. With designs that range from elegantly simple to visibly intricate, for any occasion/event!


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I am so feeling these bold summer colors, would definitely love to see more combinations! What do you ladies think, yay or nay?

Something new has been added to the #NightlyAllure collection!

Check out these sexy clip on devil horns, embellished in sparkling red rhinestones and dazzling glitter!

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Normally, I sell these creepy crawlers in a clear rhinestone form, but a wonderful customer from Australia requested these dazzling pasties in ruby red.

What do you think, should I add them to the shop?


I tend to view fashion as a tool, something that you can build on/with. Whereas style is what you, as an individual, do with it. And it completely amazes me, how people express their inner selves through their clothing. Maybe that’s why I make the things I make. I’m all about self expression/love, and what better way to support that then to provide someone with yet another tool to create with. #morning #musings ❤